Harp Noelle is an 100% handmade, carefully crafted line of children's apparel and accessories. While co-owning an Etsy shop in 2013, Krystin realized she wanted to start a children's brand. After many years of trial and error, in 2016 Krystin, pregnant with her second child, (a girl!) knew it was time to take the leap and launch the brand. We're excited to share Harp Noelle with all of you.


Harp Noelle is a namesake brand after Krystin’s daughter, whose full name is Harper Noelle. Family is the driver behind the Harp Noelle brand, we’re an in-house operation, each piece is made with love by our family. Krystin’s mom, Janice, is the lead seamstress and overall creator of amazingness, while Krystin runs the overall business, and Harper, of course, models for our brand. Not to be left out is Krystin’s son Chase, who can be seen calling the shots at photoshoots and is the captain of keeping us on our toes.

We're overjoyed to create for your little ones, we hope you love our pieces as much as we do. Please feel free to contact us with questions or feedback!